We would like to present you the rich history of our group and encourage to know our artistic achievements. The Song and Dance Ensemble „WALBRZYCH” is the cultural institution of Walbrzych Municipality and it has existed since 1955. All its members work and live in Walbrzych – the town which is the heart of our regional tradition and customs. It provides artistic and, most of all, pedagogic form of teaching for over 120 young citizens. Our task is to provide young children and teenagers the background of musical education as well as to show them the beauty of folk dance.

In the Ensemble there are kids, youngsters and students from schools and universities in Walbrzych learning how to sing and dance. They are divided into different age groups. Each of them has its own specific repertoire based on the beauty of Polish folklore. When giving concerts they are accompanied by live music played on the original instruments. The music sticks to the authentic character of songs and dances performed. Our musicians play: the violins, the clarinet, the accordion and the double bass.

Every year the Ensemble gives 30-40 concerts. All concerts are based on very interesting musical and vocal coverage, attractive choreography, high level of performance and its form of expression. Each of those features gives an adequate content to the show. All of the artistic programs are presented in beautiful, typical for each style of dancing, costumes. During the concert there are two dancing and singing groups which switch with each other. The time of the concert depends on the requirements of the organizer and the amount of people performing on the stage is also flexible and depends on the size of the stage. We have a very huge experience in performing not only on stages but also during touristic, trade and scientific shows (in: Germany, France, Hungary, Poland). What is more, the “WALBRZYCH” Song and Dance Ensemble is the award winner of many prestigious festivals and competitions.

The artistic program of our concerts was fully appreciated by the Council of Experts of Ministry of Culture and Art. One of the main aim of the Ensemble is promoting our cultural heritage among other nations. Therefore, the Group has participated in over 90 festival almost all over the world. It was acknowledged and admired by the audience in Asia, North and South America and Europe. It was performing in the People’s Republic of China in 1986 as well. We visited your astonishing country within a cultural exchange of Polish and Chinese Mining Ministry.

We gave there overall 11 concerts in Beijing, Datong and Tangsan and shared our culture, music and customs. Apart from participating in the festivals, we were also performing for the diplomatic corps in Beijing, Vancouver, Rio de Janeiro, Istanbul and also in the headquarter of NATO Armed Forces in Istanbul. Many times we took part in the international artistic workshops, what gave us a significant artistic experience in communication with other cultures of the world. From each artistic journey there are flowing very approving opinions about our Ensemble to the president of our city. They are a result of not only a high artistic level of performances but also very good organizational skills and high culture visible in artists’ behavior. In 2011 such opinions came twice from the Polish Consul in Istanbul where the Ensemble was performing in July and December in front of the representatives of foreign embassies.